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Service Claims


 We are sorry to hear something is wrong with an item you have purchased with New Look Furniture. But not to worry,  we do have a procedure in place for that! We deal with highly reputable furniture brands that offer at least a one year manufacturer warranty on everything we sell, unless otherwise noted at time of sale. Uncovered inspection and service work after the 1st year, will incur a (minimum) $50 an hour service fee. Keep in mind, manufacturer warranties can differ between brands, but are industry regulated and accepted. Warranty work will not be honored for items misused, abused, or used in a commercial setting. In most cases, items will be repaired and not replaced.



Visual Damage – In any event that you can “see” the issue, we ask that you take clear photos for us and they can be texted, emailed, or brought in for us to view. We may also ask for a picture of the serial number and or product number attached to the item. This is often required by the manufacturer to move forward with your claim. This can save you from hauling your furniture or any unnecessary trips to your home that can inconvenience you. We do have an experienced furniture technician that makes house calls free of charge, as long as the item was originally delivered (within a year) and pictures have already been provided. Trust us, providing pictures will help the process go much faster!


Non-Visual Damage – If the damage is internal, we may attempt troubleshooting the issue, send out our service inspector (if the item was originally delivered within the year), or request the item be brought in for inspection/repair. We do not stock manufacturer parts for replacement, so we will typically have to order the part that needs to be replaced. Some parts can take a while to come in, so we may request you keep the item in your home while we wait on the part to come in. We cannot be held responsible for items left in our store without an immediate schedule repair job.


Mattresses - Mattresses that are stained, soiled or damaged are automatically voided of any manufacturer's warranty. Closeouts, clearance, floor models and as-is merchandise are not covered by any warranties. Please refer to your warranty card or speak with your sales associate for exact details of your warranty. To begin a warranty claim on a mattress, a short list of pictures are required to be sent in to the manufacturer for a decision. This list will be provided to you. We ask the customer to take all of these pictures to speed up the process. If the customer cannot take these pictures, there may be a service fee charged to come out depending on the original delivery date or if the mattress was picked up. Warranty decisions are made by the manufacturer, not by New Look Furniture/Mattress Joe employees. A delivery fee for any eligible warranty exchange is additional.


Guardsman Protection Plan - If you purchased a Guardsman Protection Plan with your furniture, you will need to contact them directly for service work. With the Protection Plan, any accidental damages can go through them at any time during your 5 years of protection, manufacturer issues will need to be processed through our store for the 1st year. Guardsman may ask us to order parts for your warranty work that may need to be picked up from our store.


Tempurpedic Service – Tempurpedic handles their own service on mattresses bases. They have a team of service technicians around the country trained to work exclusively on their product. Please Contact them at 1-800-821-6621 or through their website. Tempurpedic Warranty Page

We kindly ask that you respect the steps of this process as we do everything we can to help you!